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Lower Odra Valley

The lower part of the Odra river splits into two branches – West Oder and East Oder (Regalica). Its depth varies depending from the river level. It is usually about 2-3 m deep in the mainstream. While sailing these waters, you must take the flow into consideration, which also is dependent on the river level. Bridges are potential additional obstacles, considering that you will have to pass under them. The highest a ship can at most be, in order to pass under all bridges, is 4 m – and this too depends on the river level. Fairways in both of these branches of the river are well marked during the day. On the way from the village Widuchowa, you can stop in ports on both the German and the Polish side of the river.

While gently flowing with the Oder’s current, you will experience peace and serenity in the surroundings of nature.  You will be flow through the Lower Oder Valley National Park, where you will be accompanied by white-tailed eagles, ospreys, black kites, and short-eared owls. You can also meet beavers, otters, and many other animals. Having bought a permit, you can go fishing. If you’re lucky, you can catch such fish as bream, pike, eel, tench, carp, catfish, and zander. Sailing into the Szczecin Lagoon from Szczecin, you will have the opportunity to recall maritime pilotage, as well as daytime and night-time marks and signals for ships.

PORT JACHTOWY "Marina Pogoń"
Stowarzyszenie Euro Jachklub Pogoń – Impressum
ul. Przestrzenna 3, 70-800 Szczecin • sejk@fr.pl
phone no.: (+48) 602 80 82 80

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