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West Pomeranian Sailing Trail

The West Pomeranian Sailing Route, which is the biggest competitor of Masurian sailing routes, is 380 km long and lies on the main waterway leading from Berlin to the Baltic Sea. Thus, the Route connects the biggest tourist ports on the Oder, Lake Dąbie, Szczecin Lagoon, and Pomeranian Bay. Actually, there is no other place in Europe where you can enjoy a big lake, an even bigger lagoon, and a sea – all in one area.

The West Pomeranian Sailing Route connects the largest waters of North-West Poland and the settlements located along them – Gryfino, Szczecin, ports in the Szczecin Lagoon area (Stępnica, Trzebież, Nowe Warpno), Świnoujście and Wapnica (Kamień County), Kamień Pomorski and Wolin, Dziwnów, Rewal, Kołobrzeg, Mielno and Darłowo.

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The Route’s ports are separated by no more than 20 nautical miles, which makes the Route friendly also for less experienced sailors, who are free to take their time – slowly sailing from one port to another, exploring and perfecting their skills without fear of bad weather finding them far away from a place where they can take refuge and wait.

The marinas and harbours along the route are safe and modern – not one bit less than the neighbouring ports in northern Germany. Thanks to the efforts of the West-Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organisation as well as the collaborating cities and associations, including our Yacht Club, it was possible to implement the project entitled “The West Sailing Trail – a network of West Pomeranian tourist ports” (co-financed by the European Union: Operational Programme ‘Innovative economy’ – action 6.4., under which most of these ports where either built from scratch or subject to major repairs – increasing their waterfronts and modernising their technical facilities. In each of the ports you can buy fuel, and in most of them you can have access to any necessary assistance service. Ports are located in larger cities where you can find good hotels, shops, and restaurants.

PORT JACHTOWY "Marina Pogoń"
Stowarzyszenie Euro Jachklub Pogoń – Impressum
ul. Przestrzenna 3, 70-800 Szczecin • sejk@fr.pl
phone no.: (+48) 602 80 82 80

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