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53° 24' 00" N, 14° 37' 20" E
4.02 m/s
(+48) 602 80 82 80

Lake Dąbie

The fourth largest Polish lake. Its average depth is 2.5 m; you can safely sail on the lake on a centreboard yacht or a small yacht with ballast built into the hull bottom.

Its water area is well marked during the day, yet at night only the ports in its southern part are marked. While navigating these waters, you have to be especially careful of the numerous fishing nets, which are, in most cases, designated by appropriate marks.

The weather on the lake is unstable but, since the waves are not very big and you can quickly find shelter, you can sail here without any major worries.

The lake offers a plurality of channels connecting it to the Oder that give you a feeling as if you were in Masuria. Some of them are no-noise zones. There are many islands between the channels, where you can stop, but not at all of them. You can also anchor to Dąbie’s reed-covered shore. In the northern part of the lake, you can find an immersed concrete barge, which is one of the distinctive places on the lake.
In the southern part of the lake lies the majority of Szczecin’s marinas, from which you can get to the centre of Szczecin by bus.

PORT JACHTOWY "Marina Pogoń"
Stowarzyszenie Euro Jachklub Pogoń – Impressum
ul. Przestrzenna 3, 70-800 Szczecin • sejk@fr.pl
phone no.: (+48) 602 80 82 80

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