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Our harbour

Pogoń Marina covers an area of ​​72 000 m2 and can accommodate, along its quays, up to 300 yachts with a length of up to 18 m and a maximum permissible draft of 3.4 m Pogoń Marina has hangars for yacht wintering, a filling station and repair workshops. Also, the Marina is monitored by security. Pogoń Marina is located within the limits of Szczecin, six kilometers away from the city center and ten kms away from the entrance to the motorway A6, leading to Berlin.

Boatswain’s office and the office of the Marina

At Pogoń Marina the boatswain is on duty around the clock and can at any time help with any matters related to stopping-places, basing, and using port facilities. The office of the Marina is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and additionally provides information on boat-races. It also deals with Yacht Club matters. The office staff speak English and German.


There are 300 stopping places total available at three wharfs (mooring along the quays, to bollards, or at piers – to bollards and buoys). At all piers there are bars with water and electricity connections (up to 6A), which can be used by the guests of the Marina at no extra charge, and there are two additional connections available at the wharfs (chargeable, charge as indicated by the meter).

Filling station

Available 24 hours a day, supplies gasoline, fuel oil and liquefied petroleum gas (refueling – only on land).


The Marina is monitored and subject to twenty-four-hour supervision. Entry to the Marina is protected by a barrier with a license plate recognition system – after the office hours, the barrier opens only for the cars of club members and Marina’s guests.


The Marina has wireless Internet connection available in several areas: the main dock, the square, and the clubhouse with the tavern.

Waste collection

Solid waste is collected from yachts. Liquid waste and waste requiring proper disposal is not collected.

Sanitary facilities

Boaters can use toilets (free of charge) and showers (payable in the boatswain’s office).

Port workshops and facilities

The Marina has a boatyard and offers engine service, as well as yacht electrical & electronic services. Pogoń Marina is also equipped with a slip and a crane with a lifting capacity of 16 tons, a repair dock, a boat repair hangar, and hangars for yacht wintering.


Kayak rentals are available from June to September.

Restrictions and Prohibitions

Insurance – yachts berthed in the marina should have valid liability insurance for the amount of at least 100 000 zlotys. The boatswain may refuse to berth a crew which does not have valid insurance policy.

Swimming and fishing – swimming in the Marina is strictly prohibited, as is fishing from piers. Fishing is allowed at Dębska Struga and Regalica near Most Cłowy (Clowy Bridge), at a suitable distance from the berthing area.

Pets – pets are welcome, no less than other guests of the Marina. Nonetheless, pets may not run loose, and you must clean up after them.

How to enter our yacht port

The marina of Euro Yacht Club Pogoń is located at the channel Dębska Struga between Regalica and Lake Dąbie, where the waterways leading from the Oder river to the Szczecin Lagoon meet and cross.

To access Pogoń Marina by water, you first need to enter Regalica, and then enter the Dąbska Struga channel. Those navigating from the Szczecin  Lagoon will reach the Marina by the Oder (through Przekop Mieleński), or by Dąbie Lake (through the main fairway). Approaching Dąbska Struga through Regalica from the north, you should be careful of the shoal in the northern side of this waterway. The entrance from the Regalica direction is marked day and night. Dąbska Struga and the entrance from Dąbie Lake are not marked.

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